About LEAD: Leadership for Equality and Diversity


Our vision is of a world where people from under-represented groups have the skills, knowledge, power and opportunity to excel as leaders within business, politics and wider society.


Our mission is to define, analyse and showcase how leadership by women and under-represented groups is creating a massive shift in the way business and politics are being conducted – and provide the information, tools and expertise needed for equality to accelerate further.


We take a forthright but constructive approach to diversity and equality. We ask questions that others do not and challenge the answers we are given. We approach the topics of diversity, equality and inclusion with business-sense, compassion and openness.


From women to BAME people, people with disabilities to those identifying as LGBTQ,  we provide insights from leaders and other experts who speak from real world experience, offering sage advice, information, and inspiration.

Our contributors are celebrated and respected in the fields in which they work. They create interesting, inspiring, original content that is read by women and male opinion-formers and decision-makers from all sectors: government, business, public sector, the arts and charities.

Everything we do is designed to help smart, savvy and diverse leaders achieve diversity and equality within their workplace and to connect them with those who can help them secure their career and business goals.


Content for the website and newsletter focuses on the following themes:

Analysis. From our own original research to reports from leading organisations, we look at the data on equality and leadership, and demonstrate what’s working and what’s not.

Showcase. We shine a spotlight on those individuals and organisations that are paving the way to change in Britain and across the world, sharing stories of success and failure as they seek to develop their most talented female, disabled, BME and LGBTQ leaders.

Policy. We look at policies being discussed and implemented by governments, business and other organisations, and understand their impact on our world and the way in which we work.

Tools. We provide practical information, case studies and support designed to help leaders be the best they possibly can be.