Five steps to inclusivity

How can your organisation become the best at diversity?

In 2016, Touchstone was awarded number one position in the inclusive top 50 UK employers list. Its chief executive, Alison Lowe, gives her top tips for success.

How can you become one of the leading organisations for diversity and inclusion? The answer is by working really, really, hard to make it happen.

1. It needs to be part of your strategy.
Create a Diversity Action Plan and set out organisational targets for diversity in recruitment, service delivery and community engagement. Make sure the plan is reviewed annually and that staff appraisals include an equality and diversity KPI.

2. Design your recruitment processes with diversity in mind.
Consider the tone and phrasing of the adverts, make sure you use the right sort of language, and think carefully about where you advertise. For example, we use BAME and LGBT-friendly publications and websites as well as adverts within the communities we wish to work with.

3. Continually monitor and assess to make sure no gaps emerge.
Our staff are asked to complete monitoring forms at entry and annually during their employment. We also monitor leavers by equality characteristics.

4. Create a team that has diversity of experience.
We actively recruit people who have lived experience of the issues that our services address, which helps ensure that user voices are heard and valued when designing and reviewing services.

5. Share your experiences with others.
We work to inspire organisational change, using our own experiences as evidence of success to help others.

Alison Lowe is chief executive of Touchstone.

To read the full case study, see the launch issue of LEAD.


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