#IWD2019: “I was shot at by armed robbers and received a bravery award”

DS Charmain Brenyah, 38, is from London and first joined the Met as a special before becoming an officer in 2006 and is currently the staff officer to HR Director Clare Davies.

Working on the murder squad is the most satisfying job in the world.

After three years with CID in Westminster, I got my dream job working on the murder squad investigating all types of homicides. I also became a family liaison officer, which is something I’m hugely passionate about.

My current role supports colleagues and is helping me become a better leader. I’m now staff officer for the HR Director. I’ve been involved in many projects aimed at supporting colleagues, such as wellbeing, recruitment and promotion, flexible working and more. It’s giving me a strategic overview and will help me as a leader when I go back into operational policing.

I still work with bereaved families. Sometimes you’re the only link to their loved ones.When you’re a family liaison officer you build up such a close relationship with people. Even though their loved ones may have died many years ago, they know they can still contact me and I’ll do anything to help them.

I was shot at by armed robbers and received a bravery award.

It wasn’t a situation I ever thought I’d be in. We caught two of them on the day and a third later on. They got significant sentences and it was a proud moment.

One of the things I’m really proud of though, is my work with the Youth Council. I mentored a cadet when he was 15 and it’s great to see him now at 22 – he’s a fantastic officer.

I run the partnership between the Met and The Girls’ Network – it’s hugely rewarding. It’s a charity that helps 16 to 19-year-old girls from the least advantaged backgrounds. We bring them into the Met, talk to them about careers and give them support. 

It’s so important that the Met recruits females into all roles in the police.For me it’s about ensuring we can recruit even more talent into the organisation and provide opportunities to those who can make a difference and influence the direction of the police. I wanted to get involved in the campaign as I’m proud of being in the Met and I want to encourage others to join what is a varied, challenging and rewarding career.

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