Meet the LEAD member: Beth Upton

Who you are and what do you do for a living?

“My name is Beth Upton and I am CEO of Money Tree Fundraising. We support charities to set up and grow their income from major gifts and trusts. Before setting up Money Tree Fundraising, I worked as a high-value fundraiser across the charity sector for 10 years.”

Why did you become a member of LEAD? 

“I try to take as many positive steps to further the cause of equality and diversity as I am able – being a member of LEAD enables me to add my voice to a collective who are sharing the messages of diversity: its importance and its benefits.”

What do you feel is the biggest diversity issue facing you/society at the moment and how do you think we (as a society together) could/should tackle this? 

“The biggest issue for me is a lack of desire to identify, call out, challenge and change discrimination in all of its forms. In the charity sector several recent events should be catalysing some uncomfortable conversations and difficult change, but too often I see our leaders defending the majority by calling these events out as exceptions and anomalies.”

What do you feel is an example of positive action that you see taking place around you and why?

“I am inspired by the women in the acting industry who have ensured that they are working collectively, are recognising their privilege and using it to give platform to otherwise-unknown campaigners and change-makers and are now spreading their message outside of their own industry to support all women in all sectors.”

How can LEAD members and readers connect with you?

Twitter: @beth_upton

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