Share your examples of inclusive communications

I’m looking for really great examples of diverse and inclusive communications and marketing campaigns, and am hoping you can help me, says Becky Slack

On 4 December, I will be speaking at an event that aims to help charities put diversity at the heart of their communications strategies.

Despite having equality at its heart, the charity sector has a diversity problem. Long criticised for being staffed and led by white, male, straight and able-bodied people, the pace of change has been frustratingly slow as recent reports continue to highlight.

But diversity and inclusion are rightfully moving up the charity, national and global board agendas. There is an urgent moral case for progress, but there is also a strong business argument too – especially for PR and comms. If charities want to communicate effectively with their audiences, if they want to have greater impact and relevance to all areas of society, then their comms teams and activities must also be diverse.

I will be delivering a session on ‘How to make inclusion part of your comms strategy‘. I’ll be drawing on 20 years’ experience within media and communications. But I would also love to involve you. The reason LEAD exists is to showcase brilliant examples of diversity and inclusion, and this event feels like the perfect opportunity to contribute to that goal.

I am looking for examples of advertising campaigns, social media posts, email newsletters and website design that demonstrate diversity, use inclusive language and imagery, and are generally brilliant examples of how to get this stuff right.

Send your suggestions to me at before Friday 23 November and I will include as many of them as I can in my presentation.

And if you fancy coming along to the event itself, Time to act: tackling diversity and inclusion in charity communications will take place on 4 December 2018, 14.00 – 17.10, at the Human Rights Action Centre in London. Book your ticket here. 

Becky Slack is the founding editorial director of LEAD, and the managing director of Slack Communications