Women leaders and the civil service

UK senior civil service fourth in global league table

Rupert McNeil says diversity is top priority.

The UK has come fourth in a league table ranking G20 countries by the proportion of women among senior civil servants. It trails behind Canada, Australia and South Africa.

The findings are from the latest Global Government Forum’s Women Leaders Index: an annual ranking, produced with the support of professional services firm EY, that also sets out the proportion of women among nations’ cabinet ministers, national parliamentarians, and business leaders, and details the proportion of women amongst the top leadership teams of EU nations.

With 46.4% of its senior civil service team being women, Canada topped the league table. Australia came in second and, based on the current growth of its female civil servant leaders, is predicted to take the top spot next year. South Africa reported a 41.1% female leadership team, bringing it in at third place.

With 40.1% of its senior civil service team being women, the UK still needs to do more to edge above the average of its top-six G20 group. However, the figures have been gradually creeping up and with the launch of the civil service’s new diversity and inclusion strategy this week, this positive trend looks set to continue.

Writing for the launch issue of LEAD: Leadership for Equality and Diversity, Rupert McNeil, chief people officer in the civil service, said: “One of my top priorities is diversity and inclusion. I want the civil service to be a role-model employer in the UK market and lead change in the private sector. To me, a truly diverse employer is one that welcomes and champions all kinds of diverse groups, whether this be BAME, LGBT, staff from different socio-economic backgrounds, or those with flexible working patterns.

To read the full article by Rupert McNeil, see the launch issue of LEAD.


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